Classes & Exams

ARCNEM usually offers 3 courses each year geared towards the Technician, General, and Extra licenses. Classes are taught one evening per week for 7 weeks or more. Courses are conducted online via Zoom on Thursday evenings, 6:30-9:30PM. Please arrive 15 minutes early the first evening to register.

Attendees are required to provide their own copy of the ARRL License Manual appropriate to the course being taught. These Manuals are available via ARRL and also Amazon.

At the conclusion of each course, a free exam session is held at which all levels of license examinations are offered. Exam sessions are typically held at the National Electronics Museum (see Visitor Info for location) at 6:30 p.m. the week after a course ends. Course participants and walk-ins are welcome (please arrive 15 minutes early to register). Bring photo ID and any current Amateur Radio license.

Exams are also given monthly at the Museum, on the 1st Tuesday (except near the holidays, when there is no exam date) by the Maryland Mobileers. These exams are also free and offered for Technician, General, and Amateur Extra Classes.

The 1st Tuesday exams begin between 6:00 – 6:30PM; you should arrive 15 minutes early to handle registration. Note that you will not be able to enter the Museum before 5:45PM. If you arrive after 6:30PM, you may not be allowed to begin the exam. Pre-registration is not required, but it is requested; contact Mike at Walk-ins are welcome.

The Technician Class course is most commonly offered in the Fall, starting in September (see Home page for specific announcement).
The General Class course follows the end of the Technician Class course by a week or two, and usually starts in November (see Home page for announcement).
Following the General Class course, the Extra Class course is offered, usually starting in January (see Home page for announcement).
The Operator’s course is a series of presentations from guest speakers, and loosely follows the outline of the ARRL Operating Manual. There is no exam for this class. See the Home page for announcements.
Stay tuned for more detail about these classes.

If you need more information, email us: contact [at] k3nem [dot] org